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A Song of Ice and Fire Characters
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A Song of Ice and Fire Characters

Introduction: A Song of Ice and Fire Characters

A Song of Ice and Fire Characters George R. R. Martin’s novel A Song of Ice and Fire contain many characters. The series nofollows three intertwined plots: a dynastic war for control of Westeros by various families; the growing threat from the Other Supermen across the northern border of Westeros; and the ambition of Daenerys Targaryen, the exiled heir to the previous ruling family. The Great Houses of Westeros signify the Seven Kingdoms sprung up across the continent: the North, the Iron Islands, the Arryn Valley, the Westerland, the Stormlands, Reach, and Dorne. A massive wall of ice and ancient magic separates the Seven Kingdoms from the largely unknown area in the northernmost part of the continent.

Each chapter is expressed from the viewpoint of a limited third-person through the eyes of a single character. Starting with nine POV characters in A Game of Thrones (1996), 31 of these characters were told in the first five volumes of the series.

Sizes 1-5: A Song of Ice and Fire characters

A Song of Ice and Fire Characters

If you are new to network skills, read Introduction to Network Analysis before proceeding. If you want to know how we built the network, see From Book to Network.

Let’s collect the five books into a single network. A Song of Ice and Fire Characters What do we learn about the story as a whole? How do the communities and centralities of this massive network compare to the individual book networks Let’s find out.

The Network

The network “A Song of Ice and Fire” for the first five books has 796 nodes signs and 2823 weighted edges (relationships), which is an incredible 32,629 interactions. We’re only labeling the 90 main characters, but that’s more than enough to give you an idea of the network’s structure. In this diagram, the names of the characters are arranged according to PageRank centrality and the nodes according to switching importance. A Song of Ice and Fire Characters The thickness of an edge relates to its weight.

Best A Song of Ice and Fire Characters

Arya Stark

Arya Stark is a fictional character created by American author George R. R. Martin. She is a prominent point of view character in Martin’s award-winning A Song of Ice and Fire series and the main character in HBO’s adaptation, Game of Thrones.

Tyrion Lannister

A Song of Ice and Fire Characters Tyrion Lannister is a fictional character in A Song of Ice and Fire, a series of fantasy novels by American author George R. R. Martin, and his television adaptation Game of Thrones. In-Game of Thrones, the character is played by Peter Dinklage.

Percy Jackson

Perseus “Percy” Jackson is a fictional character, the main character, and narrator of the Rick Riordan series Percy Jackson & the Olympians.

He’s so cool, brave, funny, and cute, but Percy isn’t perfect. He also has flaws such as being VERY too loyal to his friends or being a bit rude at times. However, he’s one of my favorite characters.

Percy! It’s not that special like Harry Potter. He’s a very down-to-earth, sarcastic, selfless, loyal, and kind New worker. I don’t understand why people say, “Percy is flawless, He just gets all the attention, He’s overrated, Compared to Harry Potter who has flaws, he’s too perfect.” Well then! Instead of Percy, Harry and Jason are perfect. Percy always makes mistakes and regrets them. In Titan’s Curse, he made the wrong decision about Capture the Flag and was ashamed of it. That’s why I love Percy! He’s mommy’s boy, dull and cute (that was cheesy, but it’s true: D

He wants an everyday life and does not want to show off his abilities and be too humble. Although he had the opportunity to get more praise for doing more incredible things, he gave his friends opportunities. In Son, for example, he said that Frank was leading this quest and had given him many opportunities. Who would do this thing as humble as him ?

Hermione Granger

She is brave and fierce, which I think are Great Traits. But I think J.K Rowling made her a bit too smart. Also, Where’s Ron on the list

I don’t get how she is not number 1, and she is hands down the best character in arguably the most iconic book series of all time. Harry and Ron wouldn’t last through the first book if it weren’t for her, proving the simple greatness her character is way beyond. She is THE role model when it comes to strong and intelligent women all around the world. She isn’t just a genius, though. She’s extremely loyal and courageous. Everyone can learn from Hermione Granger, and she inspires so many.

Hermione is amazing She is one the most intelligent people in Harry Potter, and she saved Harry and Ron’s life many times. Go, Hermione.

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