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Adventure Time Jake’s Kids
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Adventure Time Jake’s Kids

Adventure Time Jake’s Kids

Adventure Time Jake’s Kids One of the main characters in Adventure Time, the cheerful yellow dog Jake, holds his lovely little children. Meet these daughters Viola, Charlie, Jake Jr., and sons T.V. and Kim Kil Whan. The adorable cartoon sticker from Adventure Time with Jake’s Children!

It’s hard to define what makes a cartoon genuinely great. If we’re talking about the ’80s, there’s no shortage of fantastic cartoon intros with theme songs accepted out by spectacular bands capable of producing face-melting solos. But, usually, after those opening credits rolled, the cartoon sucked. I think Adventure Time Jake’s Kids comes down to tone and specificity, something Adventure Time defines very well, especially with what likely happened to Jake’s character in the show.

What happened to Adventure Time Jake’s Kids Time?

Adventure Time Jake's Kids

After the crazy events of the series ending that see Finn and Jake’s treehouse destroyed and the two protagonists nearly escaping death, we’re left to see Finn and Jake chilling at the beach. Finn’s left his robotic arm behind, signifying that his adventuring days are behind him, and Jake gives the impression content to live out the rest of his days chilling because, you know, that’s his M.O.

Jake ends up taking children with Lady Rincon, and their son, T.V., ends up opening up an official agency. In the series finale, we’re introduce to two new characters, Shermy and Beth, the latter of whom shares a similarity to Jake and has a unicorn horn on her snout, indicating that she’s related to the dog-hero fans became so well acquainted with over the years.

There’s a lot to suggest that Shermy is somehow Finn reincarnated, or at least bears a lot of resemblances to the human. For example, the end of the episode features Shermy grabbing The Finn Sword and holding it up above his head, hitting a pose that’s similar to the one in the show’s O.G. title sequence, with Beth at his feet.

There Are Beautiful Ideas as to how Adventure Time Jake’s Kids

Adventure Time Jake’s Kids It’s presumed that the magic dog either lives a long time or immortal in the Adventure Time world, and for an acid-trip of a “children’s” cartoon. There give the impression to no shortage of theories as to how this happens. Thankfully, Steve Wolfhood, and AT writer and storyboard artist, confirm an interesting episode arrangement in an episode that was never aired that sets what happens to Jake.

The comic panel shown in the above YouTube video depicts Jake’s death and funeral. The old dog closes his eyes and collapses to the ground. Adventure Time Jake’s Kids Since he can stretch to incredible sizes, however, after he dies. There aren’t any living synapses in his body to control his growth. Which causes enormous problems for everyone in the Kingdom of Ooo and possibly the world.

Adventure Time Jake’s Kids During his funeral, where many characters (except Finn, because he’s human and has long presume dead) appear. Jake’s body bursts out of his see-through casket and begins growing to a vast size. It starts ending the kingdom, but Princess Bubblegum thinks fast.

Adventure Time Jake’s Kids Steamy District

Adventure Time Jake's Kids

  • Adventure Time Jake’s Kids Fear in Adults: Played for laughs, as Jake is overly protective of his pups to the point of paranoia.
  • Incredible Technicolor Population: What Jake’s kids do to foxes by giving them bright colours.
  • The Blank: Jake Jr has no face.
  • Adventure Time Jake’s Kids Clumsy Father: Jake can’t keep his children under control. While Lady can immediately obey without even raising her voice.
  • Combining Mecha: Jake’s kids combine into an oversize spinning top to save him from the foxes.
  • Crazy Prepared: Jake’s mom has all the answers in her video guide to preparing Jake to raise children.
  • Eats Babies: The Baby Eats Fox and the Story of Babies. Jake quickly realizes how upset he was reading this to his children.
  • Gender-combining name: Jake Jr. is a girl.
  • Makes the same contextual sense: the weird and weirdly disturbing sequence where Jake sees BMO dancing on Finn’s stomach as he sings a song about bread and waves two slices as Finn sucks the controller off him.
  • My Beloved Smother: Jake’s mother is heavily implies to be this.
  • Hero Done Right: The fox gang would never have thought of eating babies if Jake hadn’t calmed. His book about a baby-eating fox out the window.
  • Selfish father: Jake will do this to the point of paranoia for his children.
  • Patchwork Children: Jake and Lady’s children are different, random mixes of a stretchy dog ​​and a rainy unicorn.
  • Posthumous character: Jake’s mother is confirm in this episode.
  • Rapid Aging/We’re Like Mayflies: Rain grains said to mature faster than ordinary people. So in a few days, Jake’s children will technically be older than him.

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