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Adventure Force Guns

Adventure Force Guns

Introduction: Adventure Force Guns

Adventure force guns new Adventure Force Tactical Strike Nexus Pro Ultimate Dart Blaster delivers pro-level power and presentation right out of the box. This high-performance Blaster is designed for advanced arrow battles with maximum speed, distance, and truth. In addition, its advanced Blaster is easy to collect and take in everything you need to get the most out of your game. The Nexus Pro shoots over 125 feet and contains 24 Adventure Force Pro darts.

Blaster is kindly with most Adventure Force Guns darts and most standard Elite darts. Use Pro Darts for maximum distance and accuracy. Its dart blaster measures 9″H x 10.7″W x 1″ D when assembled and is recommended for ages 14+.

Many of the Adventure Force blasters are reissues of other Prime Time Toys blasters, mostly from their existing Dart Zone brand. Buzz Bee and Zuru blasters were also released under the brand name with name changes, although some blasters such as X-Shot Vigilante were released without a name change.

Adventure force guns brand also launches other toy guns, such as non-shooting, light-up water blasters and RPG blasters, and toy cars and games.

Best Stock Adventure Force Guns Flywheel Dart Blaster

Adventure Force Guns

In all honesty, these two blasters are so close in value that it’s challenging to pick one over the other. The Adventure Force Spectrum does a little better, but it’s also only available online and tends to run out quickly. Meanwhile, the Adventure Force Rebel Mech hits store shelves and comes with an enormous capacity in the form of a big 30-round drum. Either way, of course, means Walmart wins. They’ve done quite well in their blaster choices for the Adventure Force line.

Adventure force guns Suffice it to say that if you plan on modifying any of these, the differences become primarily cosmetic, with the on/off switch location for the flywheel motors and accessory compatibility being the main sticking points.

Best Stock Spring-Powered Dart Blaster: Adventure Force Guns

Adventure Force Guns Forty dart drums and excellent stock performance is hard to beat, but when it’s only $20 and things like stock accessories and the ability to swap drums, it’s cake

However, other worthy alternatives should be considered. If you stay with the Adventure Force, the Sportsman is a unique offering as a hopper-fed jumper. If you prefer a giant revolver, Dart Zone also has the Superdrum reissue at Target. Even miniguns will always have a certain appeal, especially for younger children. In that case, you can’t go wrong with the Xshot Crusher. Since you can buy additional necklaces from Amazon, you can be as silly as you want with them! The expanded capacity is always great, even if you need to clean more darts later.

Adventure Force Guns: Nerf Rival Saturn?

Adventure Force Guns

Adventure Force Guns, be honest, this year has remained a bit of a disappointment in the Ball Blaster category. Xshot did gold repaints. Dart Zone has online-only blasters like Liberator in stores. Nerf had new blasters, but not many, and nothing came close to standing out like the Persse, Nemesis, Hades, etc. from years ago. Granted, you’ll have to start over with a refresher once you’ve “maxed out” Blaster’s development, but it leads to some disappointing years for people like me.

Best “Pro” Prime Blaster: Game face Prime/Adventure Force Guns

It was a tough choice. For obvious reasons, the Adventure Force Guns Nexus Pro gets a lot of love. For $50, you get a solid blaster with up to 150 fps (or more depending on the Blaster) with some mod potential and plenty of 3D printed accessories already available from the enthusiast community. In addition, it supports full and half-length darts and talon and katana style magazines, making it an even more universal blaster, especially for beginners.

That being said, I can’t leave Game face Prime out either. It’s primarily down to personal preference, but from the few wars I’ve participated. In, the Prime felt better in hand and performed similarly to the Nexus Pro with the same darts. Being a Cedar platform, there are more options for modifying the Blaster, be it spare springs, breeches, plunger systems etc.

Sure, only half-length darts are need, but most people who shoot that fast do use them anyway. It’s also made for katana magazines only. Adventure Force Guns can change with a cheap Talon adapter if you wish.

Best Pro Secondary: Dart Zone Pro Mk2

Adventure Force Guns

It’s the newest on the market, and it likes to go in and out, but I just enjoyed Dart Zone Pro. Admittedly, it’s a bit pricey. But between the convenience, power, ease of use, and unique speed loaders that extent combat viability, it a nice blaster when you’re forced to drop your main rig or when you need just want to walk lightly. However, if you’re looking for a cheaper (albeit larger) option, the Adventure Force guns  Aeon Pro is also a great option at just $25. Granted, it could just as quickly be a primary device, but we’ll put it in that category.

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