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Brothers Full Movie Download Mp4moviez

Brothers Full Movie Download Mp4moviez

Brothers Full Movie Download Mp4moviez: Brothers is a psychological drama war film director  Jim Sheridan and writer David Benioff that was released in 2009. Captain Sam Cahill (Tobey Maguire) is a presumed-dead prisoner of the War in Afghanistan who battles with post-traumatic stress while reintegrating into society following his release from captivity in this adaptation of the 2004 Danish film. Cahill’s brother, Jake Gyllenhaal, and his wife, Natalie Portman, also feature. Both movies are based on Homer’s epic poem, The Odyssey.

Brothers Full Movie Download Mp4moviez

Sam’s helicopter gets shot down while on patrol in Afghanistan, and he is thought dead. Sam does return, but he does so with a lot of baggage. Back at home, his bumbling brother is in charge of the household.

Marine Captain Sam Cahill, a leader, an athlete, a decent husband, and a father, welcomes his screw-up brother. Tommy home from jail before embarking on his second tour in Afghanistan. He’d committed a bank robbery. Sam’s chopper gets shot down in the country, and everyone is assumes dead. While Sam is wasting away as a prisoner in a distant encampment, Tommy attempts to care for the widow and her two children at home. So we can also download Mujhse Dosti Karoge Full Movie

Brothers Full Movie Download Mp4moviez

When Sam is imprisone, he witnesses unspeakable events. So he is deafeningly quiet, aloof, and emotionless when he is liberated and goes home. He believes his wife and brother have slept together. Battle demons possess him; what will it take to put them to rest?


Most war films, especially those from decades past, glorify battle and seldom if ever, discuss the terrible cost of war. Consider this: it’s challenging to envision John Wayne or Jimmy Stewart weeping after a struggle! However, there is a reality to battle: psychological damage, which is rarely discuss, mainly because it affects soldiers and families.


Sam is sent to a psychiatric facility after arresting the police. Grace visits him and warns him that he’ll lose her forever if he doesn’t tell her what’s bothering him. When the cops come, Sam discharges his gun into the air and then holds it to his head, considering death. After many pleadings from Tommy and Grace, he reluctantly surrenders. When confronted with this choice. Sam eventually tells her about the root of his anguish, confessing to her that It murdered Joe. We hear Sam ponder if he would be able to continue living a regular life as Sam and Grace hug.

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