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Changes In The Instagram Algorithm And How They Affect Brands

Changes In The Instagram Algorithm And How They Affect Brands

Instagram Algorithm: Instagram is the most relevant social network for users lately. More and more people are using it to stay in touch with their friends, photographers, artists, or reference influencers. And also, it has become a genuine connection opportunity for brands. Which have seen their opportunities to reach consumers multiply with features such as Shopping, for example. Facebook keeps experimenting, and some changes in Instagram’s algorithm are not received well by users. Shall we take a look at the state of the platform?

What Is The Face Of Instagram That Users See?

If you visit the picture network in user mode, you will experience a universe full of visual content, engaging and full of life. Stories have long had an engagement that the platform didn’t have before. Everyone (users, influencers, and celebrities) uses them to show real-life behind-the-scenes in those fresh and unexpected images that we usually see on Instagram.

However, not everything is rosy. Instagram started showing the images in chronological order some time ago. The network decided that users would rather see photos with a good handful of interactions than enjoy their friends’ latest vacation footage. It pissed off a lot of users, but it was still something the company had already successfully rolled out on Facebook. However, it appears that he has to better weight up, and in one of its final communications, the network decided to return to chronological order.

IMPROVE your experience through stories: New features are added, GIFs are added, new filters and stickers are created, and they are more fun. In the meantime, Instagram focuses on increasing the time users spend on the app. Like? So much so that it has been successful in getting users to jump into watching TV quickly. Many even spend more time looking at stories than browsing traditional images. And it seems like it’s just getting started.

It’s The Platform For Brands Today

After Mark Zuckerberg bought Instagram, some of us knew that sooner or later, he would use the same strategies that made Facebook what it is today. Or the other, which would limit the scope of the posts. And that’s precis what has happened to Instagram in recent months. It’s the secret that has made Facebook one of the most popular and accessible advertising platforms on the web.

The latest modifications to the Instagram algorithm (a problem that all social media specialists are trying to decipher) have reduced the organic reach of publications, so brands are investing to be visible on the platform. Some are quantifying that decline 10% of your community. However, it is still possible to see publications that also have a good reach with a good percentage of interactions.

The trend is pointing downwards, but Instagram is the only social network worth continuing to generate community. And not only because, according to the latest IAB data. It is the fastest-growing network in use, but also because it is the only one that continues to function organically. On Instagram (for the time being), the more followers YOU have on your profile to get more reach, get more interactions, and generate more sales opportunities.

A clear example of how Instagram is trying to get closer to the needs of brands is the integration of the Shopping feature. A utility that e-commerce companies can use to tag the products online stores in their Instagram photos so that users can use it Anywhere, anytime, can check how much they have cost or are available.

Some Conclusions On The Latest Changes To The Instagram Algorithm

The latest analysis of the new Instagram algorithm has left some findings that we should consider to maximize the results of our content.

Scope. It decreases gradually and to a lesser extent if the publications reach a good level of engagement from the first hour of life.

Instagram Algorithm

If the average interaction is higher than your most recent posts. The more likely the Instagram algorithm will reward that with more visibility.

Hashtags. Where previously hashtags to use better position content, it is now the other way around. Instagram masks (or eclipses) these images with many hashtags and even more if they are generalist and not very descriptive hashtags.

Remarks. It’s not about a lot of comments anymore, but about quality. Those of the “Beautiful photo” or “I love” type are no longer use to improve your visibility. Instagram wants you to captivate your audience honestly. They, therefore, eliminate bots and other tricks to get subscribers off the map.

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