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Ekart Partner Center – Your One-Stop Shop for Successful Logistics
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Ekart Partner Center – Your One-Stop Shop for Successful Logistics


Welcome to the Ekart Partner Center, a hub of collaboration and efficiency in logistics and delivery services. As a dynamic platform, Ekart Partner Center is designed to empower and support our valued partners in the delivery ecosystem. From local entrepreneurs to established businesses, our center serves as a gateway to seamless logistics management, offering a range of tools and resources.

At Ekart Partner Center, we prioritize a user-friendly interface, providing partners with intuitive features for order tracking, inventory management, and performance analytics. Our commitment is to foster growth and success for every partner, ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or an established logistics professional, Ekart Partner Center is your trusted companion in navigating the dynamic landscape of last-mile delivery. Join us in shaping the future of logistics, one efficient delivery at a time.

We will go into the realm of Ekart Partner Center in this blog article and examine the various ways it might help your business. Ekart provides extensive services tailored to fulfill your logistical requirements, ranging from efficient order administration to flawless last-mile delivery. So grab a seat and prepare to see how working with Ekart may revolutionize your company’s operations!

About Ekart Partner Center

Ekart Partner Center is a pivotal platform for individuals and businesses engaged in last-mile delivery services. It is tailored for efficiency and offers user-friendly tools for order tracking, inventory management, and performance analytics. This hub fosters collaboration, providing a seamless experience for partners, be they local entrepreneurs or established logistics entities. Ekart Partner Center is a beacon of support, ensuring streamlined logistics operations and mutual growth. As a trusted companion in last-mile delivery, it empowers partners to navigate and thrive in the ever-evolving logistics landscape. It makes each delivery a step forward in shaping the future of efficient and effective logistics solutions.

About Ekart Partner Center

History of Ekart Partner Center

However, ekart, India’s most extensive logistics and supply chain company, sends 10 million items monthly to more than 3800 pin codes. EKART, Flipkart’s in-house supply chain business, was established in 2009 and has driven the company’s growth with initiatives including Same-Day Guarantee (available in 13 locations), Cash on Delivery, and In-a-Day Guarantee (available in 50 cities).

Ekart Logistics, often known as Ekart Courier, is an Indian courier delivery services provider based in Bangalore, Karnataka. It is run by Instakart Services Pvt. Ltd., a branch of Flipkart Pvt. Ltd., an online retailer.

Ekart’s role in Flipkart’s success

Ekart, Flipkart’s in-house logistics and supply chain arm, has played a crucial role in winning Flipkart, India’s leading e-commerce platform. Since its inception, Ekart has been instrumental in shaping and optimizing Flipkart’s delivery network. Its efficient last-mile delivery services have contributed significantly to Flipkart’s reputation for timely and reliable order fulfillment.

Ekart’s extensive reach and innovative logistics solutions have helped Flipkart overcome the challenges of the Indian e-commerce landscape, including diverse geographies and varying levels of infrastructure. The seamless coordination between Flipkart and Ekart has enhanced customer satisfaction by ensuring quick deliveries and hassle-free returns.

By streamlining the supply chain, Ekart has not only supported Flipkart in maintaining a competitive edge but has also been a critical factor in expanding Flipkart’s market share and solidifying its position as a leader in the Indian e-commerce industry.

Benefits of Partnering with Ekart

Partnering with Ekart brings many benefits, making it an attractive choice for businesses & individuals in the logistics and delivery sector. Ekart offers a robust and efficient logistics infrastructure, ensuring timely and reliable last-mile deliveries. Partners benefit from advanced technology tools, including order tracking and inventory management, enhancing operational efficiency. Ekart’s widespread network and strategic collaborations enable partners to reach diverse geographic locations seamlessly.

Moreover, Ekart fosters a collaborative ecosystem, supporting local entrepreneurs and businesses to thrive. Partners gain access to a large customer base through Ekart’s association with major e-commerce platforms. The platform’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction translates into a positive reputation for partners. Overall, partnering with Ekart optimizes logistics operations and provides a pathway for growth, increased visibility, and a competitive edge in the dynamic world of last-mile delivery services.

Services Offered by Ekart Partner Center

Ekart Partner Center offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to empower individuals & businesses in the last-mile delivery ecosystem. Primarily, it provides robust logistics solutions, including efficient order tracking and inventory management tools. Partners benefit from Ekart’s advanced technology, ensuring seamless and timely deliveries. The platform facilitates access to a broad customer base through collaborations with major e-commerce platforms, boosting visibility and business opportunities.

Ekart Partner Center prioritizes a user-friendly interface, enhancing the overall experience for partners in managing their logistics operations. Additionally, the platform often includes support services, training programs, and resources to aid partners in optimizing their delivery processes. By offering a holistic range of tools and support. Ekart Partner Center is a dynamic hub for partners, fostering collaboration and success in the competitive landscape of last-mile delivery service.

How to Become a Partner with Ekart

To become a partner with Ekart, interested individuals or businesses typically need to visit the official Ekart Partner Center website. There, they can find information on the registration process and eligibility criteria. The process often involves submitting necessary documentation, such as business details and proof of identity. Once the registration is complete and approved, partners access Ekart’s suite of services, including order tracking, inventory management tools, and collaboration opportunities with major e-commerce platforms. The platform may also provide guidance, training, and support to ensure partners can effectively utilize Ekart’s resources for successful last-mile delivery services.

How to Become a Partner with Ekart

How Ekart Partner Franchise Works

Individuals or businesses typically initiate the process of joining the Ekart Partner franchise by expressing interest through the official Ekart Partner Center. Prospective partners may need to submit required documentation, undergo a verification process, and meet eligibility criteria. Once approved, partners gain access to Ekart’s logistics infrastructure and technology tools. It includes order tracking and inventory management systems. Partners may collaborate with major e-commerce platforms to fulfill delivery requirements. The franchise model often involves ongoing support, training, and resources from Ekart to ensure seamless operations, making it a mutually beneficial partnership for logistics professionals and the company.


In conclusion, partnering with Ekart emerges as a strategic choice for logistics professionals. The comprehensive services provided by Ekart Partner Center, including advanced technology tools, widespread network access, and collaborative opportunities with major e-commerce platforms, position it as a dynamic hub for last-mile delivery success. The platform’s commitment to supporting local entrepreneurs and businesses and its user-friendly interface and ongoing assistance reinforce its role as a reliable partner in the competitive logistics landscape. They are joining Ekart as a partner who opens doors to efficiency, growth, and enhanced visibility, making it a mutually advantageous collaboration for navigating the evolving demands of the delivery industry.


What is the salary of delivery partner in Ekart?

At Ekart Logistics, delivery partner compensation can range from ₹1,44,812 to ₹1,87,555. This estimate is based on one or more salary reports for Ekart Logistics Delivery Partners that were either submitted by the employees or calculated using statistical techniques.

What time does Ekart deliver until?

Typically, Ekart delivers products from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Special handling choices are not included in this timeframe. They try to deliver the packages by 12 pm or 3 pm, depending on the area, for their Same-Day and Next-Day services.

Is Sunday working day for Ekart?

It’s true that Ekart Logistics delivers on Sundays. One of the company’s most prized features is that it enables clients to mail or receive packages on Sundays. Customers who are unavailable to receive delivery during the week will find this to be a helpful service.

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