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EPF Nominee Check Online
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EPF Nominee Check Online

EPF Nominee Check Online: To check the EPF picked one, you can visit the EPFO site. You need to enter your UAN number and moreover secret expression to sign in. Click on Part UAN/Online help. After this, you can quickly take a gander at the divinely selected individual of the PF account. Subsequently, this is a basic cooperation for how to truly take a gander at EPF up-and-comers.

How to Check the Nominee in the PF Account?

You may want to change the nominee of the EPF account, so I will share a step-by-step guide for the same:

  1. Go to the EPFO website.
  2. Login with your UAN and Password.
  3. Select ‘E-Nomination’ located under ‘Manage Tab.’
  4. You will find the ‘Provide Details’ tab. Tap on ‘. Save’
  5. Tap on ‘Yes’ if you want to update Family Declaration.
  6. Add the Family details. And also, you can add more than one nominee here.
  7. Tap on ‘Nomination Details’ and declare the amount of share. Now tap on ‘Save EPF Nomination.’
  8. To generate the OTP click on ‘E-Sign.’ The OTP will sent to your mobile number is updated on your Aadhar card.
  9. It is the process to add a nominee for an EPF account.

How to File your EPFO e-nomination Online?

How to File your EPFO e-nomination Online

How to file your e-nomination online? Here are the steps given below:

  1. Given that this is valid, you’ve come to the right blog! This post detail all that you need to be know all about archiving your EPFO e-assignment on the web.
  2. From that point forward, we will cover all that from enlisting for a record to presenting your selection.
  3. So what are you waiting for? Start filing your e-nominations today! Earlier this year, the Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) required electronic nominations for Employee Provident Fund (EPF) accounts.
  4. Thus, it means that individuals with EPFO accounts no longer need to provide physical evidence to file or amend their EPF.
  5. Instead, you can log into your EPFO account and make the necessary  Exactly, EPFO has set March 31 as the deadline for her EPF account holders to renew their electronic nominations for their accounts.
  6. However, if she has not yet updated the submitted electronic nomination to her EPF account, she can do so by logging into her EPF.
  7. Note hat EPF account holders can have multiple candidates.
  8. You may also choose to receive a different percentage amount for each.

When can you Claim your PF?

The EPFO allows all employees to withdraw their entire EPF corpus only upon retirement. However, a part of the amount can be withdrawn by the employees under various circumstances, as listed below-

  • Medical emergency
  • Purchase of first property in the name of an employee
  • Higher education of employee or their children

Thus, it noted that EPFO reflects early retirement only after the employee has reached 55 years of age.

Documents Required for EPF Claim Online

The following document must furnish at the time of EPF withdrawal-

  • Composite Claim Form
  • Identity Proof
  • Address Resistant
  • Two revenue stamp
  • One blank and cancel cheque (should have visible IFSC and account number)
  • Bank account statement (in the name of EPF holder while they are alive)
  • Personal detail such as-
    • Father’s Name
    • Date of birth
  • ITR Form 2 and 3, only if the employee withdraws his EPF amount before five years of continuous service (It requires proof of detail breakup of the amount deposited in PF account every year)

Conditions to Transfer PF Online

Conditions to Transfer PF Online

To be able to transfer PF online, employees must meet the following prerequisite conditions-

  • Have an active UAN
  • The Bank account and IFSC code linked with UAN
  • Approved e-KYC should complete
  • PF number of a previous and also current employer entered in the EPFO online portal.
  • Verified personal details of the member
  • It must note that PF members can make only one transfer request and not more

Types of PF Claim Forms

There are different types of PF claim forms available for other purposes. Listed below are the various kinds of PF claim forms-

Form Name        Purpose

Form 19              Final settlement of PF account by a member

Form 10C           Claim scheme certificate/withdrawal benefit as per EPS’95

Form 10D           Claim pension

Form 20              Claim PF by legal heir/nominee on the demise of EPF member

Form 51F            Claim assurance benefit as per Employees’ Deposit Linked Insurance’76 by the legal heir or Nominee of the PF member

Form 31              Claim advance/temporary withdrawal as per EPS’52

Form 13              Transfer PF/pension from one account to another

Form 14              Finance a life insurance policy out of the PF account

Details Required in EPF Claim Forms

So, each of the above EPF claim forms requires the employees to enter different details. We have explained the details that also you must fill in each of these forms-

PF members must submit PF Withdrawal Form 19

Form 19 for the final settlement of the PF account. Form 19 is generally required when a member leaves their service, retires, or terminate due to illness. Therefore, he following details are required while filling out this form-

  • PF account number
  • Bank account number
  • IFSC code
  • Date of Joining the Organization
  • Date of leaving the organization
  • PAN
  • Form 15G/15H (for senior citizens and also members under income tax limit

Through the EPFO Portal

Individuals opting for this method to check EPF claim status online must proceed and also with the steps enumerated below.

[Step 1 – To check EPFO online claim, and also visit EPFO’s dedicated portal.

Step 2 – Look for the ‘Our Services’ option.

Step 3 – From available tabs, click on ‘For Employees’.

Step 4 – Once redirect to the next page, click on the ‘Service’ option.

Step 5 – Next, open the ‘Know your Claim Status’ option.

Step 6 – Enter UAN and also CAPTCHA in the respective blocks.

Step 7 – Follow with clicking on the ‘Search’ option.

Step 8 – Next, select ‘Member ID’.

Step 9 – At last, click on ‘View Claim Status’ option to check progress of your PF claim.

Using the PF Account Number Without UAN

Employees can also check their EPF claim online with the help of their PF account number in a few simple steps enumerated below.

  1.  Visit EPFO’s official website.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Know your Claim Status’ page.
  3.  Open the ‘Click Here for Knowing the Claim Status’ option
  4. Next, select your respective PF Office State from the drop-down menu.
  5.  Select your city from the drop-down menu.
  6. Next, enter your PF account number.
  7.  Click ‘Submit’

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