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Get a Nice Pair of Bluetooth Running Earbuds for 3000

Get a Nice Pair of Bluetooth Running Earbuds for 3000

Bluetooth Running Earbuds – There’s nothing like a nice rhythm to move your body to. That is exactly what dance is, and so could be the intensely enjoyable fitness activity of running. Research indicates that not only does music helps you regulate your pace better to match particular beats, it also helps you run faster, longer, and much easier.

The question is, how do you make your music-while-running experience as hassle-free as possible? Well, get yourself a nice pair of wireless earbuds!

By ‘respectable’, we don’t mean expensive. If you are someone who draws back from a high earphones esteem, you would love to realize that likely the best far off earphones for running are open for not generally so much as INR 3000! These earphones in like manner go with a lot of cool components to give you the best hear-capable experience as your sweat it out.

With everything considered, small scale earphones are similarly an ideal decision over headphones considering their mobility, comfortable fit, and little construction factor. You can investigate either Bluetooth earphones with a neckband or go for TWS earphones as well. Neither eill obstruct you with weight while running, instead of headphones.

Here is a list of some of the best sub-3000 price range Bluetooth earbuds designed perfectly for your running sessions.

1. Redmi SonicBass Wireless Earphones

Price: INR 1599

The IPX4 rated Redmi SonicBass Wireless Earphones have been making quite a splash in the market with their eye-catching earbuds price. Thanks to their rating, they offer good splash and sweat resistance.

Bluetooth Running Earbuds

This makes them ideal for running as well as your activities too. They, by and large, offer areas of strength for a with 12-hour music playback and twofold mic ENC which offers some sort of upheaval scratch-off. The twofold matching component is moreover cool as it grants you to interact with two devices all the while, making them ideal for capability as well.

2. boAt Rockerz 330

Price:    INR 2990

Bluetooth Running Earbuds

Touted as one of the best wireless earbuds in the category, boAt Rockerz 330 has become a popular pick amongst runners and music aficionados looking for a budget pair. Thanks to their thumping bass and boAt Signature Sound, you will never miss a beat while running. They also have an IPX5 rating for water and sweat resistance designed especially for runners and fitness freaks!

The 30 hours of nonstop playback is the highlight, though, with 10 minutes of quick charge guaranteeing 10 hours of audio! Bluetooth 5.0 dual pairing connectivity and one-click smart voice assistant round up a fantastic list of features.

3. Infinity Glide 120

Price: INR 2999

Bluetooth Running Earbuds

Infinity Glide 120 is another decent option in the sub-3000 category. It features a premium, soft neckband designed by HARMON, and is perfect for long-running sessions thanks to its comfortable fit.

It is equipped with 12 mm drivers and provides a pleasing, deep bass. Other features include 7 hours of playback, Dual Equaliser for added control over music, premium metal earbuds, and smart voice assistant.

4. boAt Airdopes 621

Price: INR 2499

The only TWS earbuds on this list, Airdopes 621 are a flagship pair of truly wireless earbuds by boAt. Their launch price is INR 7990, but they are now available at a cut-price deal. One can only imagine the list of amazing features this pair must have!

Bluetooth Running Earbuds

For starts, the IPX7 sweat and water resistance is the best in the category, so that you can ace your runs and workouts without worrying about anything! How about 150 hours of mammoth playback time that comes with a 2600 mAh pocket-friendly charging case?

This is what we call true non-stop auditory bliss! Airdopes 621 also feature one-click smart voice assistant and boAt Signature Sound for a truly all-round package.

5. Boult Audio Probass X1

Price: INR 2999

Bluetooth Running Earbuds

Last on the list is this pair of passive noise cancelling earbuds – Boult Audio Probass X1. This feature enables these trendy pair of Bluetooth earphones to give you a memorable, ambient-noise-free sound experience, especially if you are running on busy city roads. Don’t worry about sweat or water damage thanks to their IPX5 rating.

You also get 12 hours single playtime and impeccable acoustics with a punchy bass! Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and one-touch voice command round up its list of impressive features.

Find anything interesting in the list? These are some of the best earbuds you can get at a decent price, making them a great gifting option as well for your running enthusiast loved ones. The best part of Bluetooth Running Earbuds is that most of them are usually available on great discounts as well, making the deal even sweeter. Grab a pair today and take your runs to the next level with a banging playlist!

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