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How To Play and Bet on Chess
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How To Play and Bet on Chess

Chess is a worldwide game played by professional players who have produced a lot of fantastic betting possibilities. Of course, chess betting is not as prevalent as betting on big athletic events, but a tiny and committed group of people enjoy this stressful and strategic game. And, of course, betting some money on the outcome will only heighten the suspense. So do follow the strategies and tips that are outlined according to this guide.

How To Play Chess

Chess’s goal is to attack your opponent’s King and stop him from moving further across the board and winning the game, and this is a checkmate situation. The pieces are arranged on the rear two rows of the left and right sides of the board and are distinguished by two distinct yet equal sets of black and white. Before each game can begin, players must initially place each piece in the proper location. Each piece has a unique technique of traveling about the board.

Next to the Knight, which resembles a horse, come the Rooks, which have a castle-like appearance. The King and Queen sit in their colored places after the Bishop immediately after them. The Pawns are positioned in the row preceding this and can advance one square at a time, except for their initial move, when they can go two spaces. 

You start with eight pawns, two rooks, two knights, two bishops, a queen, and a king. You can take the piece to an occupied square when you land there and take it out of your opponent’s collection. But, of course, white always moves first, too.

  • When capturing an enemy piece, pawns travel diagonally, one square at a time.
  • Rooks can go through any vacant square both vertically and horizontally.
  • Knights can travel in an L shape, which entails moving two squares in one direction before moving one square in another.
  • Bishops can pass across an empty square in a diagonal motion.
  • Due to her ability to move as many squares as possible in any straight path, including vertically, horizontally, and diagonally, the Queen is the most powerful piece on the board.
  • The King is the most crucial piece on the board because you will lose the game if he is assaulted and cannot flee. The King may move only one tile at a time.

Betting Tips and Strategies

Unless you are an avid chess player, you may be unaware of the complexities of chess tournaments, the world’s top grandmasters, or even the game’s regulations. It’s well; you are not alone.

We’ve compiled a selection of our best chess betting advice to assist you in honing your tactics. By paying attention to this advice, you may feel more confident when you go to your chess betting site for the next important event or match.

Learn The Basics of Chess

We don’t anticipate you to master chess overnight, but if you want to get the most out of betting on it, learning a little bit about the game may be helpful. Even if you already understand how the pieces move, a little extra information will help you when placing an online chess bet.

For instance, knowing how a game will end is helpful. A game can end in a draw in various ways, and elite players typically give up long before a checkmate is achieved. However, this might help make more informed decisions about the number of moves markets on several chess betting websites. So even if you already understand how the pieces move, a little extra information will help you when placing an online chess wager.

Learn About Top Players

Like in any sport, it helps to get familiar with the most outstanding players before you bet on them. Although it’s an excellent place to start, you can learn much more to improve your handicapping by understanding the relative power of top (and not so elite) grandmasters.

For instance, some players draw a significantly higher percentage of their games than others, or they do better with White or Black than they should. Relationships are essential, too. Some rivals will fight tooth and nail to defeat rivals, while friends are more willing to settle with draws until a win is necessary for their tournament position.

Understand Event Format

To that end, it’s crucial to comprehend how chess tournaments operate and what it means for the participants in any particular game or match. You’ll want to take that into account when placing your bets because there may be times when it is evident whether players are going all out for a win or are ready to accept a draw right away.

For instance, two leaders may be content to draw in a late round if a tournament involves a round-robin that qualifies players for a knockout stage, knowing it’s enough to ensure they get through. However, this may also affect other markets since players who want to draw will probably do so fast, which might result in a minimal number of movements.

Judging Player Form

It pays to monitor the top chess websites to discover how each participant in a tournament has been performing lately. To acquire knowledgeable thoughts on what’s happening among the best grandmasters, you might even wish to check out prestigious publications like New In Chess. Like in most sports, form is essential when analyzing chess betting odds.

But in chess, form refers to more than just recent outcomes. So, for example, if a player has a more significant tournament, like the Candidates Tournament or a World Championship match, they could be holding back on opening preparation.

Additionally, a player having trouble may not lose that many games; instead, they may play extremely conservatively, preventing them from winning many games and ensuring they secure a large proportion of draws.


Several online chess betting services provide odds on some of the world’s most important tournaments and matches. You may wager not only on who will win an individual game but also on who will win the tournament as a whole, how many moves will be played, the opening move, and other markets.

Do read this guide well and bet responsibly.

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