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Agatha Harkness Costume
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Agatha Harkness Costume

Agatha Harkness Costume

Agatha Harkness Costume production value of Marvel’s Disney ties is invariably so excellent that it’s hard to believe early concept art for Wanda Vision’s main witches weren’t so ethereal. And yet, as Kathryn Hahn’s Agatha once said, Same story, different century. Marvel senior concept artist and freelance costume artist David Masson San Gabriel shared the sketches on Instagram: first Agatha Harkness, then two weeks later Wanda Maximoff. The originals were noticeably slimmer but seemed to belong to a very different industry reality.

Agatha original design featured a full corset. It was the same vintage look, complete with blue lace floss, but it didn’t have the towering purple curls of the final product. The cloak, cloak, and robe ensemble that an evil sorceress in Salazar Slytherin’s day would have created from anything found on a war-torn battlefield. Agatha Harkness costume was both elegant and menacing, and with one look, she told us, That’s right. It would help if you were afraid of me. The antique look retained Agatha’s pendant, but it was not self-consciously archaic or ritualistic as a silver choker. Instead, the fabric turtleneck knitted into the dress with the pendant necklace wrapped around it had more punch.

How to make your own Agatha Harkness Costume

Agatha Harkness Costume

Agatha Harkness Costume was Agatha All Along!” As many Wanda Vision fans expected, Agnes  eventually revealed to be Agatha Harkness. In Marvel Comics, she was the original witch of the Salem witch trials and is Wanda’s mentor when it comes to magic. The show looks set to follow suit. This story, as episode eight begins with a flashback where Agatha is put on trial by her coven before eliminating her with dark magic, breaks into Westview to find out how Wanda causing this curse.

Dress up as the Marvel superhero Scarlet Witch, played by Elizabeth Olsen, Quicksilver’s twin sister and member of the Avengers.

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DIY Agatha Harkness Costume

Agatha Harkness Costume Would you like to be one of the original witches from the Salem witch trials? You can layer the scarf over the turtleneck and dress and finish it with a long curly, wavy black wig.

Before it’s reveal, we see Agnes in clothes that resemble Jane Fonda’s iconic workout look. You can rock this style with tights, leg warmers, headbands and waist ties.

Agatha Harkness Costume original design for Wanda Vision

Agatha Harkness Costume

Agatha Harkness Costume Wanda’s original appearance was even worse. It was the same costume from Captain America: Civil War Slash Avengers: Endgame with more black to balance out the deep ruby ​​colour and a similar Victorian corset in between. The garment was woven into the zippers and clasps of the coat’s leather fabric and was more reminiscent of Doctor Strang’s Kamar Taj outfit. Even as a Wanda Vision exclusive, it didn’t stand on its own.

Although she has attempted to borrow stylistic elements from Agatha’s first draft to make Wanda look so imposing and entirely in keeping with the tone of the Salem witch trials, she fails in this regard; Wanda Maximoff set to become an infinitely more intimidating creature than Agatha Harkness in Wanda Vision. If just watching Agatha move from place to place makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff should evoke a more disturbing reaction. However, this suit does little of that. Here she is still a superhero. An avenger It’s not the strange force of nature it’s become.

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