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Top Prank Dial and Prank Apps of 2020

Top Prank Dial and Prank Apps of 2020

Prank Apps of 2020: Since the introduction of smartphone apps, many cell phone users have switched from regular mobile website usage to apps. Apps can perform actions more efficiently and store data locally on an individual device.

Stuffing apps did the same thing, slowly replacing more traditional stuffing cushions or leaving toothpaste on the toilet seat. Apps designed to play easy pranks provide extra new features and make sure you stay anonymous during prank dial.

We have listed below the best prank apps for 2020, so you do not need to install some terrible ones. Let’s get started.

Property pranks

Prank Apps of 2020

If you enjoyed listening to pranks online, you’ve probably come across the OwnagePranks YouTube channel. Despite having over 5 million followers, their app certainly has a name with a diverse selection of pre-recorded prank calls.

Instead of the standard prank calls for users, the app provides them with over 100 automated pre-recordings with various pranks by themselves. Each prank script is unique, making prank scenes versatile and applicable to anyone you know. Some examples:

This app has many talented professional comedians who play different roles for each script recorded, from the disgruntled old lady to the overly attractive girl. In addition, robotics are very smart because everyone uses speech recognition AI during every verbal exchange. This AI correctly identifies keywords and predicts silence, so the answers are as accurate and manual as possible.


  • Tons of pre-recorded calls with new scripts added every day
  • Different tones provided in scripts
  • Call landlines and mobile numbers
  • The calls are recorded in your profile section, allowing users to hear them again.

Fight Photo Editor: Combat Effects Editor App

Do you want to take a day off but not provide your employer with a medical certificate confirming your hypothetical illness? With Fight Photo Editor, you now have nothing!

Unlike most image editing software, which requires a certain level of skill to use, this app requires nothing. Thanks to the simple design and functionality of the app, you need to take selfies and apply the damage filters provided in their gallery.

Restore the 90s (which looks like the “Fight Club” movie-inspired it) by adding black eyes, blood cuts, scars, and everything in your pick. And once you’re happy with your new one, send your friends or employer to escape from work.

The app has a complete catalog of Damage Effects, which you can stack on top of each other.


  • The app has a vast collection of damage effects in their catalog
  • Apply compensation to your photo, take a selfie to start
  • Deceive others by submitting your new photo online

Solar mobile charger stuffing

It would be best to give some credit to reality for the Solar Charger prank app because it is not a joke you see every day.

This absurd and extraordinary farce makes the ignorant (or those who do not have the standard technology) think that a typical smartphone can be recharged with solar energy.

Using the app is relatively straightforward – the first download and install the app. Once started, place your phone under any light source (for more reliable results, select the light beam), and the phone will display a battery signal that appears to be charging.

Since charging the battery signal isn’t considered a prank by many, it’s a fun way to trick your friends at school into telling them that phone chargers are suddenly a item of the past.

The app also has an additional feature call 3G 4G signal booster. This fun little add-on allows users to connect to solid 3G and 4G internet signals, increasing their signal speed and internet connection. It’s a lesser-known feature, and while not as efficient as the solar power trick, it’s worth using.


  • Solar power charging fake prank, make others think you can set your phone with any light source
  • Easy to use, suitable for all ages
  • Use their signal booster prank feature to make people think they can speed up their internet

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