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Rajkotupdates. News: RRR Filed a Pil in Telangana High Court Before Release

Rajkotupdates. News: RRR Filed a Pil in Telangana High Court Before Release


Any member of the public can file  PIL (public interest litigation) – be they an ordinary man, NGO, or social activist – for compensation for injury caused by violation of legal rights. Also, it serves as a mechanism that ensures public involvement in the judicial review of administrative actions.

The Supreme Court has established guidelines to manage and dispose of PILs. Hereafter the court needs to guarantee petitioners are acting with good intentions. Not seeking redress of personal interests or private gain.

Guidelines on Courts When Entertaining Personal Interest Liens (PILs)

Guidelines on Courts When Entertaining Personal Interest Liens (PILs). (1)

In 2010, the Supreme Court imposed strict guidelines on courts when entertaining Personal Interest Liens (PILs). It has long been believed that people file playful requests to gain publicity, placing a massive problem on our judicial system.

Moreover, PILs also help safeguard the courts from being used by political pressure groups to stall real administrative action or further their political objectives. Misuse of PILs is incorrectly all too common and has often resulted in delays or even suppressing genuine cases.

Public interest hearings can be brought before any High Court or Supreme Court by individuals, groups, or institutions for the compensation of objections and violations of rights. Such matters include non-payment of wages, bonded labor matters, women’s rights, environmental pollution, and also more.

Rajkotupdates. News: RRR Filed Pil in Telangana High Court Before the Release

The highly anticipated Indian film, RRR, has had to make headlines since its announcement. Rajkotupdates. News: RRR filed Pil in Telangana high court before the release. So, the movie, directed by S.S. Rajamouli, features a star-studded cast, including Ram Charan and Jr. NTR. So, however, the film has faced several footraces in its production and release.

Just the makers of RRR filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in the Telangana High Court. The PIL was filled to seek protection from piracy and to confirm a smooth film release. Therefore, the makers of RRR demanded that the film’s piracy would cause a crucial financial loss to them and the film industry as an entire.

The Telangana High Court issued notices to several internet service providers, leading them to block websites that promote or enable piracy of RRR. The court also directed the police to take proper action against those who engaged in plundering the film.

PIL File Against SS Rajamouli’s ‘RRR’ At Telangana High Court

Rajkotupdates. News_ RRR Filed a Pil in Telangana High Court Before Release

A public Interest Appeal (PIL) was filled by Alluri Soumya, a student welcoming from West Godavari district in the Telangana High Court looking not to issue an Edit Certificate and detain the producer of ‘Roudram Ranam and Rudiram’ (RRR) and also to release the movie.

According to the petitioner, the film is destroying the history of the freedom fighters Alluri Sita Ramaraju and Komaram Bheem. As reported by, the activist claimed that the makers are allegedly inaccurate the illustrious olden time of great independence fighters Alluri Sita Ramaraju and Komaram Bheem (played by actor Ram Charan and Jr NTR, respectively) to hurt somebody’s feelings, the genuine heroes’ and also followers.

 ‘RRR’ Film’s Release

RRR' Film's Release

She requested the postponement of the ‘RRR’ film’s release and also that the SS Rajamouli’s-directed film should not be issued a censor certificate. So, this case was heard by Justice Ujjal Bhuyan and Venkateshwara Reddy.

On January 7. The film was schedule to release in theatres. The film’s release had then postponed due to the Omicron fear in the country for the Coronavirus epidemic.

As Reported by National Herald, “They are all heartbroken, Rajamouli more so than others. The new release date had announced after multiple postponements. Also, the entire team was promoting the film passionately, definite in the confidence that now nothing could stop the release.” Foundations say that the team is now traveling to other release options for ‘RRR’ very highly.

Hearing Date

Alluri Sowmya from Undrajavaram in West Godavari filed a Public Interest Liability (PIL) against the film Sitarama Raju: she claimed the film depicted him as a police officer. Which was against their way of life and hurt thousands of their supporters’ feelings. So, she asks the court to stay RRR’s film release and not grant a censor certificate to given it.

This week, a bench of two justices consisting of Chief Justice Satish Chandra Sharma and Justice Abhinand Kumar Shavali terminated the PIL. Also, they held that nothing could move the characters of famous individuals such as Alluri Sitarama Raju or Konar Ramaraju. “Poison may kill Socrates but not his ideas or literature,” they state.

Furthermore, the judges advised makers to take the appropriate steps to avoid any debate during its announcement. They also asked that the censor panel ensure no copyright infringement takes place.

“RRR” Movie Happening Trending on Social Media

On February 17, 2021, Lyca Productions acquired Tamil Nadu theatrical rights for RRR. Whereas Pen Studios took over North Indian rights. The film will release on July 30, 2020.

According to the complainant, the film destroys the history of the freedom fighter Alluri Sita Ramaraju and Komaram Bheem. So, at first, the film was schedule to release on January 7 but had to be delay due to increasing cases of Covid-19 remember. As per the film’s director, the numbers would continue to expand, and if the film were release, the movie would not be possible.

In the period in between, the “RRR” movie happening to trend on social media, with many supporting a boycott in Karnataka. Because the Kannada version given less importance compare to the Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi versions. The film won critical acclaim for its cinematography, direction, action sequences, music, and script. It was award international award became one of the top ten film that made money in India.

Hearing Venue

The film’s release was overdue in the year 2000; SS Rajamouli’s cult film ‘RRR’ presenting Jr NTR and Ram Charan, was challenge in court over its basis in the lives of freedom fighters Alluri Sita Ramaraju and Komaram Bheem which was alleg to have twist Alluri Soumya from West Godavari district filed the request that the film delay.  And not given a censor certificate.

Alluri Soumya believes that this proceeding is of public interest. And that the court should stop the release of ‘RRR’ since it destroys the history of Alluri Sita Ramaraju and Kambaram Bheem. She claim that the account that surrounded Alluri Sita Ramaraju was embellish, rendering it false; further, the history behind Komaram Bheem was also alter in the film; Therefore, she believes that it is not appropriate to have the movie released.

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