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Actor Of Pennywise
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Actor Of Pennywise

Introduction: Actor Of Pennywise

Actor Of Pennywise In 1990, Tim Curry became the first actor to portray Pennywise. His portrayal was since regarded as iconic and fittingly terrifying, no matter how badly the It miniseries itself was received. However, in 2017, Andy Muscietti revived Stephen King’s 1986 novel with a movie adaptation.

Though Muscietti’s film versions are most commonly regarded as the best, Tim Curry initially portrayed the demon clown onscreen, bringing a more human-like quality to the monster.

Bill Skarsgård’s return as Pennywise scared even the It Chapter Two effects team. Chapter Two scares up a massive $91 million opening weekend.

10 Facts About Actor Of Pennywise That Were Left Out Of IT Chapter

Bill Skarsgard’s portrayal of Pennywise was very different. He brought a much more eerie quality to the character, making the fact that Pennywise was not, in fact, from the Losers’ Club’s dimension, seem very believable.

Both portrayals of Pennywise, the Dancing Clown, were unforgettable and terrifying in their own right, so let’s take a look at five reasons why Tim Curry’s Pennywise was so iconic in its day and five reasons why Bill Skarsgard’s was total nightmare fuel.

1. Tim Curry’s Actor Of Pennywise Was The Nightmarish Version Of The School Bullies

Actor Of Pennywise

It’s no secret that the It miniseries did not have a lot to work with when it came to special effects. Unlike the terrifying arsenal of Penny Wise’s surrealistic antics that the movies could create, the miniseries had to work primarily with practical effects.

2.Bill Skarsgard’s Brought The Otherworld Element

Even before it was edited and enhanced with special effects, Bill Skarsgard’s portrayal of Pennywise’s portrayal was eerie and unworldly. While Tim Curry’s Pennywise terrorized the Losers by obnoxiously bullying them, the film version of Pennywise took on a much more unsettling approach.

3. Tim Curry’s Actor Of Pennywise Is Funny

Before he brought Pennywise to life in 1990, Tim Curry spent his acting career starring in films and TV shows that were much more lighthearted than It was meant to be. Due to his background in comedy, Tim Curry brought his signature eccentric humor with him when he portrayed Pennywise.

His version of the demon clown brought a thoroughly obnoxious, loud, unhinged sense of humor to the character.

4. Bill Skarsgard’s Pennywise Is Funnier

Actor Of Pennywise

Bill Sarsgaard portrayed Pennywise in a much more accurate way than depicted in the book. The character of Pennywise was never meant to be grounded in reality, as he was not a creature from our dimension. He was from another world entirely, Actor Of Pennywise making him all the more terrifying and extremely difficult to defeat.

5. Tim Curry Had Less To Work With And Still Encapsulated The Character

When the two compared, Tim Curry’s Pennywise does not look nearly as menacing as Bill Sarsgaard, but that doesn’t discount this portrayal. Rather than benefitting from an utterly terrifying appearance, Tim Curry was dressed up to look like a regular clown.

6. Bill Skarsgard’s Pennywise Preyed On Deeply Personal Fears

Actor Of Pennywise a horror villain known for unlocking his victims’ greatest fears and bringing them to life. It was portrayed in the miniseries, but Bill Skarsgard and Andy Muscietti took it to the next level. As the Losers’ Club grew up and became adults, their fears changed into different terrifying ideas.

As the kids grew into adults, their fears grew with them, and Pennywise didn’t miss a beat. What makes this scarier is how deeply personal Pennywise gets with the main characters

7. Tim Curry’s Pennywise Was Obnoxious

Tim Curry took Actor Of Pennywise taunting and brought it to the next level. Most of the character’s screen time in the miniseries consisted of him obnoxiously tormenting the kids, whether bombarding Eddie in the gym shower or goading Richie with a noisemaker, Tim Curry made Pennywise into more of an obnoxious, ridiculing psychopath than a demon clown.

8. Bill Skarsgard’s Pennywise Created Terrifying Illusions

The miniseries tried to bring to life some of the most iconic scenes from the book, but with dated and cheap effects, these moments didn’t precisely land well and ended up being more laughable than impactful. Actor Of  Pennywise’s illusions were brought to life in a completely intense fashion in the movies’ case.

9. Tim Curry’s Pennywise Had A Deeply Disturbing Effect On Adults

Actor Of Pennywise

Unfortunately, the movies glossed over the terrifying effect that Pennywise had on the adults and Derry as a whole. Pennywise primarily preyed on children, and to do this, and he had the adults wrapped around his finger.

In the miniseries, this  touched on several times. In one scene, Beverly is being torment by bullies, and her neighbour sees this and promptly walks away. Additionally, Bill’s parents pick up Georgie’s blood-soaked photo album and act wholly zoned out, and adults have blood-filled balloons pop in their faces and don’t react. Beverly’s father is eerily oblivious to the blood coming from the bathroom sink.

10. Bill Skarsgard’s Pennywise Was 75 Feet Tall

In the miniseries, a grown-up Eddie states that Pennywise was “about 75 feet tall” upon finally remembering the harrowing events in Derry. In the book, Pennywise often morphed into a giant version of himself, but the only problem is that the miniseries never actually portrayed this.

Pennywise famously takes on a massive form in the movies and crawls out of the projector to terrorize the kids.

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