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Rudra: Boom Chik Chik boom
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Rudra: Boom Chik Chik boom

Rudra: Boom Chik Chik boom: Rudra is a story of a nine-year-old boy who is learning magic. The series has formed by Greengold Animation, written by Neeraj Vikram, and legendary Bollywood lyricist Gulzar has written the lyrics.

Rudra’s plan to do a race in Sun City is the story of this game. Different cars are available in the garage to select for playing. You have to collect more coins and must have to reach first to achieve your score. This is a bonus of your play. You can purchase different cars with accumulated coins. This is the best game you have ever played in the Rudra Boom Chik Chik Boom series games. Play this game and enjoy.

What is Boom Chik Chik Boom?

What is Boom Chik Chik Boom?

The Rigvedic deity is associated with Shiva, the wind or storms, Vayu, medicine, and the hunt.

The Heroine of Rudra’s Episode

The openness of Rudra dazzlingly brings out there. Ashish Vidyarthi and the guy playing Prabal Thakur impress. Ashwini kalsekar and Atul kulkarni are ok and also overact in some scenes. But it’s Rashi Khanna who spirals a lovely surprise.

Rudra Season 2 is expected to release on Hotstar in September 2023. The producer confirmed the second season of the web series to be in the works with Ajay Devgn in the lead. There is also a spin-off that may release on Disney+ Hotstar in 2024.

How many Years Old is Rudra?

How many Years Old is Rudra?

The story is about a 9-year-old magician named Rudra, who lives in the magical city of Sun City with his grandfather Jai Singh Chauhan.

Rudra Vs. Magnaman

Rangeela mistakenly releases Magnaman from an ancient spell. Magnaman later traps Jai Singh and Sir Majestico and tasks Rudra to fight to free them. Watch Rudra and find out who win the battle. EThe  Huter2 – The Shadow Hunter

The Shadow Hunter

Will Dadji reach in time and save grandson? Suncity attracts the shadow hunter and plans to rule it. He now control Dadaji’s shadow apart from others. Holding Rudra’s shadow Later, the shadow hunter is an inch away from it

Volcano Trap

Shakaal has trapped Jai Singh inside volcano, but numerous volcanoes exist. So, do you think Rudra can find his grandfather and save him?

Hotel Adventure

Rudra and his friends are out on a hotel holiday when they suddenly get stuck in their room. So, Later, they find out that Shakaal is behind these tricks. So, let’s see if Rudra can teach him a lesson.

Ninja Magician

Can Rudra do something about it? the Ninja magician Jai Singh is missing his old friend. Because of an earlier misunderstanding, Jai Singh refuse to meet him.

The Magical Painting

Shakaal abducts Jai Singh in his magical painting, where none of his power works. Shakaal gives Rudra & friend a chance to save Dadaji but has a trap placed for them throughout. How will Rudra enter the magical painting & locate Dadaji without losing his powers?

The Porcupine Magician

Let’s watch and find out.

The porcupine magician has taken over Suncity while Dadaji is away, turning people into a porcupine. Will Rudra find the solution to this problem?

Pigmies are tired of height, and they’re attacking people. Jai Singh reaches to help, but they capture him. So let’s watch and see if flying pigmies can give Rudra and their friends a tough fight.

The Uranium Hunter

Dracota is hunting for Uranium. He finds it in Kaal City and Sun City and abduct both Shakal and Jai Singh. Meanwhile, Rudra plan an attack on the uranium hunter. Will Rudra succeed?

The Cage Magician – How will Rudra get out of this situation

How will Rudra get out of the case? The cage magician’s trial has commenced, and Jai Singh reach just in time to provide evidence. The magician break out of the cage and disappears. Later, the magician seizesthe palace and shifts it. How will they free themselves? The cage magician attack Jai Singh’s castle with dragons; however, Rudra escape in the meantime.?

Attack Of Manimals

Maira accidentally calls out Manimals from International Manimal Race. The animals start attacking Rudra & friend. So, watch Rudra to find out if he can defeat animals.

Maira’s Birthday

Rudra, Varun, Rangeela & Dadaji are planning surprise birthday party for Maira at the snowing mountain. However, they’re attacked by bears and wolves. But, they still manage to put together and surprise?

Palace On The Moon

Let’s watch Rudra and find out how Rudra also her friend interpret the mystery of the magical painting.

The wolf queen wants a palace on moon on her birthday. So the Wolf king magically start swallowing the moon. Meanwhile, Rudra observes this mysterious activity jumps on his mission to save the moon. Will

Rudra succeed?

Mermaid Land

Hydra has taken over Mermaid Land and sent her guard to kill Princess Marina, but she manages to escape to Suncity and seek Rudra’s help. So let’s see if Rudra can save Mermaid Land from Hydra.

Summer Camp In Joyland

Rudra and a friend are visiting Joyland for Summer camp, and Jenny and Jody are there. Sir Majistico has warn student not to trouble anyone with their magic. But Jenny & Jody are playing pranks on Rudra and his friends. So let’s see if Rudra can stop them.

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