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7 Things You Must Know About Your iPhone

7 Things You Must Know About Your iPhone

iPhone: Every day, we use our phones, but do we take advantage of all of the excellent capabilities available? Not at all. Some of the valuable features of your iPhone are probably unknown to you. Along these lines, in this paper, we’ll explore seven of them. Plan to see your iPhone gadgets in a completely unique light.

Make Use Of Your Keyboard As A Trackpad

Did you know that your iPhone keypad turns into a touchpad in seconds? This feature can be helpful when you need to transfer the cursor from one word to another.

It  Is How You Do It:

  • Start typing on the default iOS keyboard as usual.
  • Tap and hold wherever on the keyboard to enable the trackpad function.
  • You may now move the cursor around the keyboard by dragging your finger around it.
  • Let go and remove your finger once the cursor is where you want it to return the keyboard to normal.

Request That Siri Reminds You To Check Your Messages Later.

Siri can do more than hunt up information on the internet or provide you with amusing responses. It is, after all, a personal assistant for iPhone devices. So why not treat it as such? One of the most effective methods to enlist Siri’s assistance is to ask it to remind you to check specific messages later.

Every day, for example, you undoubtedly receive hundreds of SMS and emails. They might be somewhat distracting when you’re busy, and you can forget to read anything crucial. Ask Siri to remind you to read a message later to avoid this.

It is compatible with most communication applications, including Messages, Mail, Notes, and Safari. Siri will alert you of the message at a later date and time.

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Custom Vibrations Can Be Made And Assigned

Custom vibrations are possible in the same way that custom ringtones are. It means that you can tell who’s calling by how your phone vibrates while it’s in the ‘Vibration’ mode.

Here’s How To Make Your Own iPhone Vibration:

  • Go to Sound & Haptics > Ringtone > Vibration > Settings > Make a Different Vibration.
  • Make a new vibration according to your preferences.
  • At the lower right corner, tap ‘Stop.’
  • At the upper right corner, tap ‘Save.’
  • Give the new vibration a name.
  • To designate your personalized vibration to a specific person, go to Contacts and find the person you want to send.
  • At the top of the monitor, tap ‘Edit.’
  • Select the vibration you previously produced by tapping beat.

When this individual calls, you no longer need to glance at your phone screen. The vibration pattern on your phone will tell you it’s them.

Control With A Switch

It is a clever way to control different functions on your iPhone just by moving your head.

  • Accessibility may be found under Settings > General > Accessibility.
  • Scroll to the base of the page and tap ‘Switch Control.’
  • Select Add New Switch from the ‘Switches’ menu.
  • Select ‘Camera’ beginning from the drop menu.
  • Select ‘Left Head Improvement’ or ‘Right Head Advancement’ beginning from the drop menu.
  • Then, under the ‘System’ menu, choose an action. You can, for example, select ‘Increase Volume.’

Now, the’ raise volume’ action will be triggered whenever you tilt your head in the direction you’ve chosen. You may also add more switches to employ gestures for a personalized iPhone experience.

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Optimized Charging Of Batteries

This function slows down the aging of your battery, making it more durable over time. On iOS 13, this option is accessible. As a result, if you have an earlier iOS version, you may not utilize it.

  • Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Prosperity to investigate your battery’s prosperity in fact.
  • Turn on the ‘Smoothed out Battery Charging’ decision on this page.

By virtue of computer based intelligence, your iPhone will acquire capability with your charging plans and direct the battery charge contingent upon the circumstance. For example, charging your phone around night time ensures that it doesn’t cheat, which could condense the battery’s span.

Make Your Own Memoji

Memoji is an entertaining method for iPhone users to connect. Create more Memoji as needed to make it even more customized.

Here’s How To Do It:

  • Open the ‘Messages’ app on your phone.
  • Select the Animoji icon.
  • Swipe right to see the ‘New Memoji’ option.
  • Then, one by one, pick your favorite features such as skin colour, haircut, age, chin, head shape, ears, eye colour, and so on.
  • That concludes our discussion. You’ve made a Memoji that’s unique to you.

To Turn Off The Music Player, Set A Timer.

It is helpful if you want to listen to music for a set amount of time before bed. When the timer expires, the music player on your phone will cease playing.

Here’s How To Do It:

  • Open the ‘Clock’ application.
  • Then, at the bottom, select the ‘Timer’ option.
  • Select a time that is fitting for you.
  • Next, select ‘Stop Playing’ from the ‘When Timer Ends’ menu.
  • Now select ‘Set’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Finally, to start the timer, press the ‘Start’ button.

Final Thoughts

Let’s hope you learned anything new about your iPhone due to this. These lesser-known capabilities can elevate your user knowledge and make your job simpler.

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