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What Is A Backdoor, And What Is It Used For?
What Is

What Is A Backdoor, And What Is It Used For?

What Is A Back Door?

Backdoor: It is a secret or “back door” that allows malicious users to remote control the computer. They usually take advantage of a security gap to log into a computer system unnoticed. As the name suggests, Backdoor is a back door for accessing a computer or server so that users (cybercriminals) who use it can send and receive files, delete or steal data, restart the computer, and install new programs.

In other words, they have complete control of your computer as if they were right in front of it, but remotely. There are many ways to install a back door. Maybe it’s because a developer left it there, or programs or applications we installed, or a vulnerability in the system.

The backdoor might not be a virus but an application installed to control a computer for maintenance remotely. In this sense, backdoors are not permanently installed taking advantage of a computer vulnerability but were developes that way on purpose.

Types Of Backdoor

We can distinguish at least two types of backdoors.

Those already in the operating systems or applications we are using, either because of a vulnerability or because the developer did it on purpose. Backdoors that have been installed on our computer inadvertently resulted from downloading a program, file, etc.

Most of the time, there is always malicious intent, but it could also be that our computer or application has a vulnerability and, therefore, a backdoor that cybercriminals can exploit.

How Do You Protect Yourself From Back Doors?

An antivirus program is essential to protect against backdoors of the second type. If we have malicious applications that allow remote access to our computer, a good antivirus should detect these applications and remove them from our computer.

Once the app is removed, the back door is gone, and they can no longer connect to our computer that way. In any case, the antivirus should also allow us to remove other potentially unwanted applications installed this way.

In the case of backdoors already present in our applications or systems, the solution may be to contact the developer and let them know there is a backdoor and rely on their goodwill to remove it.

Otherwise, it’s convenient to switch to a different system or application with no secret doors for external access.

Protect Your Devices Against Cyber Attacks

Many customers can have a backdoor without realizing it. You may have integrated our IT equipment into a botnet or zombie computer network and use it however you see fit.

The best way to counter this is to effectively maintain computer maintenance on computers, remove viruses, and check security levels.

In addition, it is helpful to avoid data loss; We use cloud backup systems that allow us always to keep our information secure. Please don’t wait until the last minute when it’s too late. The information on your computer is too important. And computer viruses and backdoors compromise the confidentiality and integrity of your data. If you would like our help, we invite you to contact us now.

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