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How To Develop Accessible Apps

How To Develop Accessible Apps

Accessible Apps: People with physical disabilities are often overlooked when developing applications. As a result, this group of persons cannot use such applications. Unfortunately, several developers focus exclusively on a beautiful user interface and clean programming. However, do not focus on ease of use for people with physical or cognitive disabilities. Therefore, a major overhaul should be done now when developing applications. But how should barrier-free applications be developed? I want to explain what is important and which aspects are essential.

Why Are Accessible Apps Important?

How To Develop Accessible Apps

Accessibility of applications is part of equality for people with disabilities. There are currently many severely disabled people and people aged 65 and over. In the elderly, physical activity is limited due to advanced age, and people with severe disabilities and the elderly have difficulty using the applications. Therefore, as an entrepreneur and developer, you need to solve this problem. It is not only the moral aspect but also the financial aspect.

General Guidelines For Accessible Apps

The foremost thing you need to know is the guidelines for developing accessible applications. Tests carry out to make the applications work, and this mast all includes physical limitations. Google and Apple have established the conventions for developing barrier-free applications in the application market.

Accessibility As Part Of The Development Process

To successfully implement the guidelines, it is essential to understand that a restricted user’s problems have nothing to do with the value of the development work. But rather, the root cause lies in ignorance. But now, there is assistance in the form of accessibility tools. Applause is one such tool, and it can automatically identify and correct essential deficiencies, and it protect time and resources during progress. Without such a tool, inventors would have to buy a hand to fix these shortcomings at a later stage of development.

The user experience should also be comprehensively evaluates to ensure compliance with standards and guidelines. It requires experts with their assessment, and these specialists involve in the process from conception to completion. In addition, professional testers should verify the effects of developer and designer decisions on real people with different requirements. In this way, you can gain valuable and practical knowledge.

5 Aspects Of Accessible Applications

The goal is to develop applications that everyone can use, including people with physical limitations. Unfortunately, these apps are not yet widespread, and there is little information on the subject. Here I would like to explain the five aspects of barrier-free app development.

Suitability Of Screen Readers

What is a screen reader? A screen reader is a program that recites the contents of a screen. Visually impaired or blind people can work on a PC or laptop, and the screen reader reads out the screen content. Both talkback and voice-over screen readers use to this.

Lowercase letters overwhelm people with visual impairments or visual impairments when reading. Therefore, it is essential to offer the user the possibility of enlarging the surface of the application with a gesture of the finger. In addition, the functional elements’ areas are broadening. So that people with motor disabilities can also use the app.

Color Contrast

Ensure a good color contrast between the background and the font color.

Size Of Controls

The operation of the surface of your application makes it more accessible by a more precise. Representation of the control elements and better input. Therefore, interactive user interface elements must have a focusable area. Additionally, each UI element of your application describes and explains the purpose of the corresponding component.

Apply Operating System Settings

This point concerns operating system settings such as font size and color contrast that the application should adopt. When a visually impaired user starts an application, that application should automatically assume the operating system settings.


You now know which aspects play an essential role in developing accessible applications. Keep in mind that many app vendors overlook these aspects. Please don’t make the same mistake! The many people with physical disabilities will thank you, and you, as an entrepreneur, will not lose any potential customers.

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