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Four Best Mobile Apps For Photography

Four Best Mobile Apps For Photography

Mobile Apps for Photography: Mobile technology has enabled photographers to create even better quality images. Many great mobile apps allow photographers to take sharp pictures and edit them.

Here are some great apps essential for all amateur and professional photographers.

Take good photos

Four Best Mobile Apps For Photography

Your smartphone’s basic camera settings don’t provide the level of control you need to take high-quality photos. Sometimes, you have to adjust your camera settings to get a better picture manually.

The manual is only what you need. You can download the guide app from the App Store for $ 3.99. There are many significant advantages to this application.

Adjust the focus

The manual allows you to adjust your camera focus. You will have better accuracy with the manual than the standard settings of your camera.

Change shutter speed

The manual application allows you to adjust the shutter speed. You can increase the shutter speed to eliminate movement. You can even lower the shutter speed to create the illusion that your subject is moving.

Reduce white balance

You can also use the manual to adjust the white balance. Most amateur photographers do not understand white balance, so you should read this primer. You may need to reduce it to replace high brightness or fluorescent lighting.

Photo editing apps

Even the most skilled photographer should touch up their photos. Fortunately, there are many fantastic photo editing apps for Android and iOS devices. Here are some of the best ones available on the App Store and Google Play.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express was first released in 2011 for Android and iPhone devices. Five years soon, it’s still one of the best picture editing tools available.

It contains many filters and editing tools, including:

  • Crop
  • Turn
  • Remove red eyes
  • Adjust the colors
  • Changing the brightness and color
  • Reduce the white balance
  • adding borders and frame

You have to pay to use Adobe Photoshop Express, but it’s well worth it for the range of features it offers.


Snapseed is another powerful and versatile photo editing tool. Some of the features it provides are as follows:

  • Adjusting exposure, sharpness, and color
  • Rotating and straightening the crop
  • Different types of brush tools
  • Wide range of filter
  • Text frame and edit

Snapseed is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.


If you are on a budget, AutoDeskPixlr is one of the best free photo editing apps. You can create over 2 million image effects with filters, color settings, and overlays.

If you can combine and overlay multiple images. The auto-correction feature allows you to mix colors smoothly to create unique photo effects.

Photo sharing tools

Four Best Mobile Apps For Photography

We live in an age of the social network. Most people want to share their photos on Facebook and other networks. You can easily share images with many great image sharing tools, including:

  • Smug mug
  • Flickr
  • Picasa
  • Truvy
  • Photobucket
  • Escort box
  • 1 TIME
  • Snapchat

You need to create accounts with each of these platforms to share photos.

VPN (for security)

When you want to share photos on social media, others are kept private. Hackers often steal photos and post them online or use them to blackmail their victims. You might not have particular fame on your phone, but you still want to keep some photos private.

If you want to take appropriate security measures to protect your photos. We  can use several applications to protect your photos from unauthorized access, including:

  • You are ranked as one of the 100 best photography apps in the App Store Private Photo Vault. You can create photo albums in the app. All photos are password protected if your phone is stolen or hacked remotely by a hacker.
  • Lock Photo Album & Video. Safe is another great app you can use to protect your photos password. You can also use it to protect PDF files and other important files.
  • Photo Locker makes your photos invisible to those who don’t know where to look. If someone accesses your phone, they’ll likely look for it in the Pictures section of your phone. Photo Locker is a more isolated app, so it’s harder for people to find them. All photos are protected with 128-bit encryption. If people don’t want to see more pictures on your phone, you can view one image at a time.

Another good option to consider a good VPN. Many people think that VPNs are only helpful for accessing geo-blocked sites, but they also protect your anonymity. And also, If hackers don’t recognize you, they’re less likely to target you.

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